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Published on “The Boca Raton Tribune”

On 06/19/2017 By Carlo Barbieri




Curitiba 2I just returned from a work-related trip to Brazil, and I must say I am impressed by the success of the series of conferences held around the nation, in a half-dozen different states and cities.

About 500 entrepreneurs, investors, intellectuals, scientists and practitioners took part in the seminars.

Sao Paulo

The event was organized and sponsored by the Orlando, Florida ACO Company, which offers accommodations throughout the Kissimmee and Orlando areas.

Vitoria 10 Vitoria 1

We also enjoyed the professional services of our tour operator, Litoral Verde, an organization that also does an exemplary job.

Our trip also involved the organization of Litoral Verde Viagens — a tourism company specializing in personalized travel advice for luxury resorts and charming hotels. With a large service structure and receptive bases in the main tourist destinations, they can understand the desire of each client for each trip, offer competitive conditions and still give them the necessary security that must be present at all times.

We also ran into an exhibition by the Zenodro Construction firm which builds communities in Orlando, as well as the Exchange Brokerage, Advanced, Brazil’s third-largest foreign exchange broker.vitoria 13In each city, the events were organized by employers such as the São Paulo Commercial Association, Juiz de Fora Commercial Association, Espirito Santo Industries Federation and the Barra da Tijuca Convention Center in Rio de Janeiro,

As a lecturer, yours truly, Carlo Barbieri, president of the Oxford Group of Boca Raton, the largest Brazilian consulting firm in the US, spoke to the audience, addressing them about two items:

Juiz de Fora 3 Petrópolis 2

Advanced has helped stakeholders understand how and in what way they can send funds to their US businesses in accordance with Central Bank of Brazil rules faster and at a lower cost.

IMG_0285 (1)

ACO is the company that manages vacation homes, based primarily in Orlando, but with residences in various parts of the US, Europe and Latin America. It currently has the best occupancy rate in the market and data was shown demonstrating good prospects of that market reaching the levels of the hospitality trade by 2022.

Rio de Janeiro 3

Zenodro, a consolidated developer in Orlando, is the only one in the region that works solely with equity. The company has also shown fantastic investment options for vacation homes.

Economic conditions in Brazil could be better, but there is an exodus of residents out of the country due to political instability and legal insecurity. This flight of talent toward the US is taking place despite the fact that there has been a clear improvement in Brazil’s economic indicators.

It is very good and interesting for the US that the Brazilians’ brain, products and money are coming to the country, but, for sure, it is very bad for Brazil.

This could be the next major area of concern for this nation. Juiz de Fora 5


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