Purchasing of pre-existing businesses in the United States

Purchasing franchises in the United States

Establishing franchises in the United States

·        Setting up your business in the US

·        Opening a business

·        Accounting

·        Fiscal assistance

·        Partnership agreements

·        Back office

·        Product analysis and validation

·        Price analysis

·        Strategic planning

·        Marketing plan

·        Sales plan

·        Management

·        Supplier procurement


Launching and Managing your business

·       Selection of the ideal locations to launch your business

·       Negotiations with shopping malls and other points of interest

·       Architectural projects in compliance with local legislation while maintaining the original concept from Brazil

·       Acquisition and management of all state and municipal permits in relation to construction and health code requirements

·       Procurement of contractors capable of executing such a project, and negotiation of the most cost-effective quote

·       Continuous oversight of the project’s progress, particularly with respect to dates and deadlines

·       Price quotes for the project in general

·       Price quotes for equipment

·       Price quotes for furnishings and fixtures

·       Acquisition of all necessary items to ensure operational efficiency

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Back Office and Accounting

We can host your business with services that include phone and e-mail correspondence, forwarding of documents for accounting purposes and cash flow control. Said services will be provided until a fixed address is established and your business is able to operate independently. Taking advantage of this service will help reduce the initial start-up investment by avoiding the costs of renting office space and hiring secretarial services;

  • Use of conference room and office space;
  • Organizational accounting services;
  •  Preparation of annual balance sheets and period ending financial statements;
  •  Assistance with fiscal policies;
  •  Assistance with opening a business bank account;
  •  Installation of a telephone line configured to receive calls directly from Brazil;
  •  Receivable and payable accounts;
  •  Partnership agreements;
  •  Employee handbook and bylaws.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Increasingly companies experience the need to merge or acquire other businesses, or to capitalize in order to grow and stay competitive. These are delicate challenges that must be dealt with in a professional manner. Our previous experiences and established relationships while dealing with such matters will help guide your company through such complex business transactions.

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The most common forms of business structures are:

·        Sole Proprietorship

·        General Partnership

·        Limited Partnership (LP)

·        Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

·        Corporation

·        S Corporation

·        Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Each type of business structure has its own nuances with advantages and disadvantages in relation to tax policy, loans, liability and costs that must be analyzed to best fit the perspective business, always considering short, medium and long-term goals.

Consult with us and we will help analyze your business and issue a referral to a licensed professional to accomplish your needs.

Business Plan

A business plan is the written document used to structure the principal ideas and business options that the entrepreneur will analyze in order to decide the viability of creating the business. It is also used as a tool to acquire loans and financing from credible financial institutions and to detail plans for the future expansion of your business.

In a broader sense, a business plan serves the following purposes:

1- Evaluation of the potential business enterprise while considering the following aspects:

·        Marketing

·        Technical

·        Financial

·        Organizational

2- Close monitoring of the company’s progress during each stage of implementation: for all aspects defined in the business plan, the entrepreneur will be able to compare the forecasted progress with what has been realized;


3- In the event the entrepreneur lacks sufficient capital to cover the initial costs required to launch a business, our expert staff will help guide him/her through the process of acquiring capital through credible financial institutions.


With a sound business plan the investor will be able to identify the appropriate time to begin growing the business.

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The business plan includes detailed information about:

·        Market Research

·        Sales Forecast

Such information will allow the investor to understand where, how, when and to whom should the business offer its products and/or services.

The research related to the viability of introducing a business to the American marketplace will present data about target consumers and their needs, products and services, appropriate pricing and how best to get the goods and/or services to market.  We will explore every option for financing and will examine to the best of our ability the spending and earnings of competitors.

The data will also present cost projections, earnings potential and analysis of working capital. The initial investment will be quantified, as will the time it will take to earn a return on the investment.  Strategic pricing will be suggested for goods and services that reflect industry standards while at the same time consider the company’s financial needs.

Franchising: A Business Opportunity



OXFORD USA offers a franchising service designed to assist the investor in finding the most adequate franchising opportunities in the United States. We are also adept at introducing American franchises in Brazil.  Our vast experience with such operations will ensure an efficient, rapid and secure implementation of your franchise to its target market.


Why acquire a franchise?

Franchises offer a network of interdependent business relationships that allows multiple investors the opportunity to share a brand with proven business methods and effective marketing and distribution systems.

As such, franchising offers individuals the opportunity of owning a business with reduced risks in comparison to the launch of a brand new business venture. The franchisor, with experience and “know-how”, will offer support to a new franchisee to help increase the likelihood of success.

To acquire a franchise, it’s not necessary to have experience in the field. The business is acquired with the objective of owning your own company without having to conduct its day-to-day operations. The franchisee must hire qualified professionals to motivate the employees, manage the business and focus on results.


What types of franchises are available?


Single Unit Franchise – grants the right to own a single unit franchise, with operational exclusivity, in a location determined by the franchisor.

Multi Unit Franchise – When a franchisee experiences rapid growth, he or she may choose to form a local or regional network of franchises.

Master Franchise – This type of franchise configuration puts more power in the hands of the franchisee. The Master Franchisee (or Sub Franchisee) has the right to outsource other unit franchisees within a designated region.  The contracts will be signed by the Master Franchisee, who will then receive a portion of the franchise tax and royalties charged by the franchisors, thus becoming responsible for the training and support for all franchisees under his or her control.


Why is it a good idea to receive consulting services from OXFORD USA?

When using the consulting services provided by OXFORD, you will save time and avoid unnecessary inconveniences while researching and contacting certain franchisors. Our company possesses the necessary expertise and the direct relationships with franchising companies to offer a secure choice that is sure to bring a higher return on the capital invested. With this service, we can help our clients avoid wasting precious time, as there are over 2000 potential franchises in the American marketplace to be evaluated.

Franchisors recognize the benefits that our company brings when searching out potential franchisees that match the profile they’re seeking. For this reason, many are willing to absorb our consulting fees.

The process of finding the right combination begins with finding the best opportunity that meets the needs of each individual. Our company strives to get to know the investors better through personal meetings and other means of correspondence, so that we can match their profile with the franchise that will offer them the best results.  Oxford has researched hundreds of companies in diverse areas so that we are able to offer you a wide array of franchising options.

We understand that when initiating a new business venture, there is a considerable investment to be made. For this reason, in the event a potential client is experiencing financial difficulties, our Franchisor partners are able to offer financing options for several different scenarios.

The duration of the consulting process depends mostly on the investor; consulting may last as little as a few days given the investor is extremely motivated and financially prepared to acquire a franchise. The average consulting process, however, lasts roughly between one to three months.

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