Complete internationalization of your business!

The OXFORD Group’s Internationalization Program (PIE) aims to prepare companies to operate in the North American market, either through the distribution of their products and services or through the transfer or expansion of the company, in addition to personal and family support with entrepreneurship to the self-sufficiency of the company in the United States.

The support models offered can be specific or model of INCUBATION which provides basic structure of operation and location and services of support to the entrepreneurs through services of Consulting and Mentorship in Management and Executive Coaching.

But what is the process behind a good strategic planning?

Market Research
The market research will provide all the essentials information needed in order to develop the most complete and accurate business plan. The market research will include but is not limited to: ● Potential Market vs Serviceable ● Competitors Analysis ● Entre Barries ● Commercial Validation ● Risks and Mitigations
SWOT analysis
We develop a relationship with the executive who will manage or manage the project, an analysis of the company's strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and risks of the current market and its competitors.
Business Plan
The business plan will guide you thru all the process of implementation and how to manage your business. It will include but not limited to: ● Marketing Plan ● Commercial Plan ● Operational Plan ● Financial Projections (3-5years) ● Organizational Plan - Management and HR
Consulting and Coaching in management
Developed to help and to support the Manager for the implementation of actions more quickly and effectively.