Practicing the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct in its multiple activities in consulting is the main duty of Oxford Group. All employees, contractors, associates and partners of Oxford Group are aware and voluntarily committed to conducting their behavior in the standards set forth herein, always aiming at the construction, maintenance and expansion of credibility with clients seeking their services , to prospect the satisfaction of the parties involved in multiple business activities managed, intermediated or consulted by Oxford Group.

Article 1

We believe and are committed to developing an organizational culture based on noble values such as honesty, fairness, impartiality, accuracy, and reliability.

Article 2

We are committed to the practice of these values because we believe that along with these lines, we can attract and retain reliable, satisfactory and lasting partnerships.

Article 3

We have no interest in attracting or maintaining partnerships and clients who do not conduct their actions in the values above or below mentioned. Profit born of fraud, no matter how small, is not our goal.

Article 4

Oxford Group is not legally liable for the misconduct of any of its partners or independent consultants.

Article 5

As a Florida Bar Qualified Provider, Oxford Group partners with and/or recommends to our clients the service of licensed qualified attorneys, accountants, and professional consultants only after careful evaluation of their technical skills, work experience, and moral correctness, always seeking the protection of its client.

Article 6

Oxford Group is not legally responsible for any acts detrimental to its independent partners may practice. However, reserves the right and the duty to apply the appropriate discipline under this code of ethics.


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The standards of conduct herein should be applied to absolutely every level of operation of Oxford Group. From the Trainee to the Officer, to the farthest partner, everyone should base their attitudes on this code of ethics, which is not intended to be oppressive, but instructive, in a tireless pursuit towards behavior based on principles and values of excellence, both functional and moral.

We, employees, associates, and partners of Oxford Group, aimed at maintaining the highest ethical standards in our professional actions, business, or consulting, and we covenant with our clients committing ourselves to:

With Clients

  1. Honoring the colors and philosophy of the Oxford Group, working in order to maintain and expand the company’s credibility already conquered on the Market.
  1. Reporting the problem to the parties involved, in cases of conflict of interest between two clients, defining the position of Oxford Group, which is to prioritize older client.
  1. Maintaining and applying the knowledge that clients and all documents related to projects involved in, contact details, research, are of Oxford Group and not the consultant, employee or partner professionally involved with them. In the event of removal of any employee, associate or partner of Oxford  Group, the professional will not take any data relating to clients, let alone try to attract them to their new professional work environment. An exception to this rule will only be tolerated in real estate transactions in which Oxford Realty recognizes that the client is the agent’s client prospected and consolidated by the agent.
  1. Not acting as an intermediary, for their own benefit or third parties in transactions involving the Group or any contact made on behalf of Oxford Group.
  1. Not acting on any level or function in another company that offers similar services, that has business with, or is trying to do business with Oxford Group.
  1. Not using for their own benefit or third parties, the contacts made with customers, contractors, competitors, trade associations, in short, any person or company intending to do business with or to have a relationship with Oxford.
  1. Treating everyone with respect and consideration, regardless of social, religious or political position, sexual orientation, etc.
  1. Acting in order to render services competently, caring, generously and kindly.
  1. Not sharing with customers any dissatisfaction with Oxford We understand that such matters, even when really important, should be treated in the indoor environment, under the code of ethics.
  1. Treating as confidential all information related to Sharing such information outside of the Oxford Group’s environment, or with persons not involved in the project in question, is unethical and discipline subject.
  1. Handling, storing and disposing of all documents involved in the conduct of projects, taking all reasonable care to ensure absolute confidentiality of both customers and the organizations they representant.

On the workarea

  1. Respecting and valuing co-workers, regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation or political We believe that every human being carries an intrinsic dignity and deserves, a priori, be treated with dignity.
  1. Cooperating with each other, believing that individual success depends entirely on the collective Causing embarrassment to co-workers and failing to carry out one’s part as agreed, without coherent justification, is unethical and unprofessional.
  1. Getting the job done in a professional manner, always striving for excellence in service Act carelessly threatens the credibility of the entire team and therefore damages the image of the company.
  1. Dealing with problems and interpersonal conflicts, when you cannot resolve between the parties, never forming gossip groups and making harmful comments that weaken team morale and divert the team’s attention to the results.
  1. Limiting any expression of affection to Sexual contact, exploitation and harassment are unethical. Sexual activity is defined as, but not limited to, any form of seduction by words, gestures or behavior. Harassment is defined as, but not limited to, any inappropriate comments or gesture shown directly to the person or conducted among peers.
  1. Not failing to accomplish a task because it is not direct For an appropriate Oxford Group’s functioning, all employees must be responsible for maintaining the functional activities of the company. Example: if the employee in charge of making coffee is absent, anyone in the office, since it will not obstruct his/her job priorities, can and must fill in this gap.
  1. Going beyond the expected in fulfilling his/her responsibilities, taking initiative without waiting for a superior officer’s order, unless warned not to.
  1. Encouraging inter-communication. When a client looking for our professional services and in our judgment, that request can be better handled by another team consultant, the interbranch communication should be performed without delay.
  1. Improving our performance potential through extracurricular and training courses or those carried out by Oxford Group.

Providing services

  1. Presenting, promoting and advertising so that the audience can make clear choices with respect to products and services offered by Oxford Group.
  1. Advertising the services with integrity and Associates and advisers previously approved must be presented as Oxford Group ‘s professionals, each in their level of competence.
  1. Never deceiving people seeking the Oxford Group’s services, with respect to qualifications, certifications, academic training, courses, training and specific areas of competence.