Food Products Division

Introduction of international restaurants and franchises in the United States.


·       Location – Identification of the ideal location to set up your business. Negotiation with shopping malls and other strategic locations for your restaurant/franchise.

·       Target Audience

·       Permits – Management and acquisition of the necessary county, municipal and state permits with respect to construction and health code regulations

·       Architectural Projects – Ensure that the project is in compliance with local legislation while maintaining the original concept from Brazil; Procurement of contractors capable of executing such a project; Negotiation of the most cost-effective quote; Continuous oversight of the project’s progress, particularly with respect to dates and deadlines; Configuration of the kitchen layout; Price quotes for equipment; Price quotes for furnishings and fixtures; Acquisition of all items necessary for operational efficiency

·       Menu adaptation to the American palate

·       Headhunting recruiting services

·       Staff training

·       Marketing, and much, much more

Oxford represents the largest number of Brazilian exporting companies that specialize in the commercialization of food products in the American market.

Our infrastructure and quality of service over the past decade has given us confidence to effectively manage complex international business transactions, and as a result, has solidified the relationship with our clients.


Among the diverse services we offer are:

·        Agent-in-Charge contract (FDA Registration);

·        Annual contract renewal (Agent-in-Charge);

·        Editing and updating of FDA Registration form;

·        Classification services;

·        Registration service for ATF, USDA, HACCP;

·        Commercial validation – products

·        Technical validation of the following:

·        Product content analysis

·        Product labeling compliance

·        Storage per Pallet /per month

·        Separation of Merchandise / per hour

·        Transportation to Airport/Port – Miami

·        Issuance of Invoices and Packing Lists

·        Import and Export Licenses

·        Evaluation of Sales Opportunities


Legal requirements for a foreign company to export food products to the United States

·        FDA – Agent-in-Charge

Oxford Group acts as Agent-in-Charge in the United States, handling the manufacturer’s FDA Registration Forms, preparation of Prior Notice Forms and issuance of written updates of any legislative changes in the market.

·        Preparation of a product line that is in compliance with American regulations (FDA, BATF, USDA, EPA).

Analysis of the product’s content to ensure acceptability of the ingredients and the final composition;  Adaptation (if necessary) of the packaging; Examination and adaptation of the label, including the nutrition facts, dimensions, warnings and disclaimers.