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We strive to offer our clients who plan to open their business in the United States all the necessary assistance they need in their respective fields, from consulting to management.

Oxford Marketing & Advertising Commitments:

·       Perform thorough research and analysis of the company itself, as well as the market of it’s respective field of endeavor (including the competition);

·       Learn about the prospective clients, the spending habits and desires of the target customers, and gather information with respect to the consuming behavior of different social classes;

·       Methodically examine the territory where the company intends to conduct its business and identify the regions which hold the most potential;

·       Focus on understanding why some regions will perform better than others;

·       Create effective means of communication that are suitable for the specific needs of the territory;

·       Detect improvement opportunities and create impactful marketing campaigns;

·       Constantly focus on compelling communication strategies;

·       Responsible for offering business growth solutions, discovering the company’s shortcomings and finding effective outcomes;

·       We look towards the future, and will develop a comprehensive 5-year plan to position your brand, product or service – all in accordance with the company’s plans of expansion to new markets and sectors;

·       Development of an extensive branding strategy, covering design creation, digital marketing, social media, websites, applications, billboards and banners. We also specialize in adverting, publicity campaigns and photo/video content marketing.


Oxford Marketing & Advertising believes that it is essential to be acutely aware of what’s happening internally within a company and stay attentive to its changes, goals and objectives. As we always say, “It’s important to be good offline in order to be great online”.

·        In summary, the marketing department must understand the internal pulse of a company. By doing so, it will be more adept at creating more impactful campaigns, contribute to a healthier work environment for its employees and will evoke a sense of pride within the company.

There is no synonym for marketing, such as advertising, propaganda or promotion. Marketing utilizes all of this and much, much more.

We understand that marketing is a process, where several factors are occurring at the same time to satisfy a company’s needs and desires. Marketing is to simultaneously satisfy the consumer and the company, consequently, leading to better sales.

When we achieve true brand loyalty from customers, it means that an excellent job of marketing and strategic planning has been performed.

Furthermore, the marketing plan we develop will be specific to your business and will be reflected as such when petitioning for your visa.


Step 1:

– Development and elaboration of a strategic Marketing Plan

Step 2:

– Establish a Rendering of Services contract, which outlines the details of Consulting and Management obligations

Step 3:

– Creation of a Media Plan / Publicity and Advertising / Public & Media Relations / Merchandising

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Newspaper and Magazine Publications








Digital Marketing

Marketing Plans

Video Results

Marketing Analysis

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Seasonal Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

E-mail Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

APP (Creation, Development and Maintenance of Applications)


Web Development

Website Packages

Design Videos

Web Portfolio


Virtual Store Features

Portal & Start Up Features

Tech Support

Domain & Hosting


Other Services

Corporate Identity / Branding / Trademarks

Creation and Development

Market and Target Consumer research and analysis


Events and Trade Shows

Stationery Design

Concept Development


Video Production

Drone (Aerial Imagery)

Business Marketing usa Oxford Group

Our company is structured to offer Consulting and Management services.

In order for a project to be successful, it’s essential to consider the following:

·        Domestic and international macro-economic conditions;

·        Domestic and international tax structures;

·        Domestic and international legal frameworks;

·        Market – research and implementation strategies (Communication, Marketing, Sales, etc.);

·        Product – your competitive difference;


Oxford Marketing & Consulting LLC is committed to creating an in-depth strategic plan that encompasses the factors mentioned above, and other considerations that are vital to the success of the project.


Trade Shows and Events in the United States

·        Pre-event promotions;

·        Trade show participation;

·        Guidance and support during the trade show;

·        Follow-up with networking and business contacts made during the event.


Generally, when the goal is to establish a new business in another country, Public Relations plays a fundamental role in keeping the general public up-to-date with respect to business activities, plans and important facts relative to the company.


Public Relations services we offer:

·       Compose press releases to be sent to media outlets;

·       Communication with print, radio, television and online media;

·       Preparation, in conjunction with the Marketing Department, of the company’s blog and website;

·       Development, planning and execution of a social media strategy;

·       Careful management of all information released to major PR sites;

·       Introduction of the company and its directors to the local community, trade associations and public authorities.

Oxford Marketing usa

What we look for:

·        First we will develop a plan that identifies what we want to accomplish and how we propose to create an effective communication strategy, adapting the messages to help us achieve a clearly defined set of goals.

·        The vast experience of our media team allows us to identify what separates our clients from others, and what makes them unique. We are able to develop an intriguing, credible backstory to communicate to the media.

·        We focus on the means of communication that prioritize the important markets for our client’s business.

·        Our press releases and other company presentations are always true and precise, never bland or lacking originality. We reveal the company’s story in such a way to be attractive to the desired media outlet.

·        We take an objective look at our client’s business.

·        Our mission is to create a newsworthy story to highlight the unique qualities of our client’s business, and by doing so, help the company achieve its desired goals.