Industrial Design – FAMEC/SP
Civil Engineering UNIP/SP
Economy – PUC/SP

Key Skills
Technical management
Civil (hydraulic) engineering
Quality management / Assurance
Project management
Risk analysis
Policy analysis
Technical Security Systems

CEO Thor Distributor 2012 – 2014
CEO CSZ Info and Systems 2010 – 2014
CEO Cadri Corp 1996 – 2010
Manager Epi de Ble 1994 – 1996
Production Manager Brasibor 1991 – 1994

Work History


Hydraulic, mechanic and pneumatic technician (Senai/SP)
Security and Cctv technician (TecVoz/SP)
Alarm and electric fence system technician (JFL/SP)
Safety Officer technician (Fire Department/SP)
Training of fire fighters (Fire Department/SP)
Computer design – Auto CAD (Belas Artes/SP)
Interior Design (Belas Artes/SP)
Photograpy (Belas Artes/SP)
Acquatic  Mechanic (Sea Doo)