Charles R. Telles1DEGREE
Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing.

Position: franchise Consultant.

Main activities: development of strategies to increase operating income through the cost reduction and increasily sales; development of report anaylis to the franchisor; acting as a consultant to all 38 franchising stores throughout Brazil, Paraguay, Dominican Republic and United States being the communication link, development and strategy between the franchisor, franchisee and the malls administration.

Responsible for monitoring all stages of opening a store since hiring and training the team, plus developing franchisees for the opening and monitoring the business.

Develop of a plan of trade marketing looking for opportunities improvement, elaboration of sales targets for the franchisee, service delivery implementation in store. As a relevant fact the joinning of operating area of franchises with the Housing food service allowing the franchisee to sell products for hotels, lodges, industrial restaurants, among others by opening a new and huge market opportunities to the franchisee.


Specialist in business management for restaurant
Development of leadership skills
Specialist in assembling Dishes
Developer of goods for restaurant
Restaurant equipment developer