mauricio antunesExperiência com mais de 25 anos em Planejamento Estratégico de Marketing, 15 anos de experiencia em Gestão de Projetos Internacionais e alianças estratégicas em empresas, sendo responsável por todos os negócios e projetos da David C Cook Publishing da América Latina e Espanha. E Editorial Patmos onde desenvolvi parceiros locais em toda a américa latina para comunicação e distribuição de produtos.

Fiz inúmeras Palestras de aplicação de técnicas de marketing em diversas áreas do aspecto profissional e pessoal. Atualmente, sou Consultor e Palestrante na área de Planejamento e Marketing e faço parte do Grupo de consultores e parceiros Oxford. Coloco meu conhecimento e experiencia a disposição, para contribuir com os projetos dos clientes Oxford, buscando resultados positivos para ambas as partes.


  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Fluent Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Extensive international experience, with multi-cultural knowledge.
  • Six years of international project management.
  • Highly motivated individual with extensive knowledge of international market trends.
  • Ability to face dynamic, challenging situations and use elaborate skills and problem- solving techniques.
  • Marketing Director at Compassion International (Brazil market).
  • Project management and research coordination in team environment.
  • Strong organizational skills and human resource management.
  • Proficient in PC/ Mac/ Linux, MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Quickbooks.


EDITORIAL PATMOS PUBLISHING – Miami Gardens, FL – March/2009 – November/2017

Business and Operations Manager

  • Implemented a logistics working system that increased the productivity 450% in 4 years.
  • Increased the sales of the company 94% in 4 years, through strategic alliances and planning
  • Negotiated acquisition of the company headquarters
  • Daily report with the Board of Trustees
  • Oversight of Marketing, Planning, and Implementation teams
  • Developed and managed the Corporate Budget
  • Represented the company at trade shows and meetings
  • Supervised the Executive team
  • Negotiated with Vendors
  • Oversight of all Product Development 

DAVID C COOK PUBLISHING HOUSE- Colorado Springs, CO – July/2003 – October/2008

Latin America Representative

  • Responsible for all the business for David C Cook in Latin America
  • Raised the income of the rights department, achieving self-sufficiency through growth of 82% in the number of contracts during the first year
  • Served as speaker on the Marketing and Sales Training for publishers from all over the world
  • Represented the company at trade-show such as the Frankfurt Buchmesse
  • Created product presentations for high-value clients
  • Negotiated Portuguese and Spanish copyright contracts
  • Established Strategic Alliances for projects in Latin America

ELNET Internet Company – Rio de Janeiro – September/2000 – January/2003

Executive Director

  • Developed the Strategic Plan to launch the El Net Internet Portal
  • Responsible for Product Development
  • Established partnerships with key organizations which made the company self-sufficient
  • Built a team of professionals of different areas, such as marketing, systems, and content
  • Ran all company operations
  • Reported to the Board of Directors

COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL – Campinas, SP – January/1998 – September/2000

Marketing Executive Director

  • Development, conquest, and broadening of Client List of Supporters, more than 1,000 in 11 months via Contact for opening New Businesses and obtaining Sponsoring for Projects, together with G.E., including Contracts and activities for Maintaining Agreements or Technical Assistance Post Sales
  • Obtained classification of the Philanthropic Organization as Organization of Federal Public Utility, that represented a 72% cost reduction
  • Served as a Member of the Executive Leadership Team
  • Developed and managed Marketing Projects
  • Executed the Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Lead staff in development of projects
  • Coordinated Internal Services of Propaganda Agencies \ Publicity
  • Formed the Institutional Image of the organization


  • MBA – Master of Business Administration in International Business Management

FGV – Fundacao Getulio Vargas – Rio de Janeiro – 2009

  • A. in Mathematics – Universidade Iguaçu – 2003
  • Marketing and Sales – Cook Communications/ Colorado Springs – CO – USA – 2004
  • Leadership and Management – Cook Communications/ Colorado Springs – CO – USA – 2001
  • Organizational Strategic Planning – Compassion / Colorado Springs Staff– CO-USA – 1999
  • Change Management – SAA – Office / Miami – FL / USA – 1999
  • Marketing – ESPM – Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – 1996
  • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING – Catholic University of Petrópolis – 1992