luis carvalhoLuiz Cláudio Carvalho is the founder and president of the INTER Learning Center, specialized center in languages, translations and voice-overs.


A visionary, an innovator and a conceptual thinker as well as a successful entrepreneur with leadership skills, Luiz has over 20 years’ experience as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, teacher-trainer, translator and interpreter. He is an untiring student of the English language, who seeks the best for his students and those who want to make use of his professional abilities in the respective areas.


His experience and expertise in the language could be summarized as the successful achievement of the most renowned International Proficiency Certificates of the English Language, such as CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, MICHIGAN, ARELS and other certificates from LYNN UNIVERSITY, Florida Atlantic University, Miami Dade College, etc.


His conviction and commitment with the importance of learning and self-development led him to found the INTER Learning Center, which has played a significant role in South Florida in the areas of language learning, such as English, Portuguese, Spanish as well as Computer skills.