Industrial Engineer formed by the Universidad Javeriana (Colombia). Master in Economics from the University of Notre Dame (USA) where she also had doctoral studies.


Her experience includes development of business plans, market research, sector analysis, financial projections, evaluation of investment projects, and assessments for companies of the sectors of services, industrial and commercial.


Her consultancy for ADTP (Agency for Development Tietê-Parana), a Brazilian agency for the development of the infrastructure sector, developing regional and national projects related to energy, and making analysis of various industries.


As Manager of the Bank for Foreign Trade Andino in Bogota, Colombia, negotiated lines of credit with banks and managed the corresponding credits in foreign currency and products for that Bank.


She was CERLALC (Regional Centre for the Promotion of the Book in Latin America and the Caribbean) General Secretary, NGOs linked to UNESCO, where she led the technical and administrative teams, managing projects throughout the region.