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Legal Support 

The complexity of fiscal legislation in Brazil and the United States requires a profound understanding of:

  • the tax policies and regulations of both countries;
  • their points of conflict and convergence;


On the other hand, conducting business in more than one country can lead to significant growth opportunities. An in-depth tax analysis adequate for operating domestically and overseas will allow your company to expand its distribution channel and add an extra layer of security. Oxford Group’s team of tax policy specialists has lead to tangible success for its clients. We have identified and have developed contacts with a number of highly skilled independent attorneys, accountant, and other professional to whom we are able to recommend our clients.

For a variety of reasons, businesses and entrepreneurs prefer to conduct their overseas operations with discretion.

A global tax plan offers advantages for reducing tax burdens. More specifically, in the US there are states that guarantee confidentiality of business owners and offer tax incentive programs. Furthermore, in over 40 countries, legislators encourage foreign investment and attract businesses to stimulate job creation and generate wealth for their respective territories.

Adequate knowledge of tax legislation in the United States, as well as the advantages and limitations of other countries, can prove to be the difference between success and inviability of a business.

For this reason, Oxford Group has constructed a team of experts in US and international tax policies to assist individuals and business entities negotiate legislative nuances and reduce their tax burden in a manner that complies with the most rigid of legal requirements.

From opening your business to establishing your legal foundation, the differences between Brazil and the United States are vast. For the most part, things run smoothly in the U.S. and the laws are clear. However, even though the tax burden is less in the US than it is in Brazil, a comprehensive, well-constructed plan must be implemented. It’s important to note that any individual or legal entity can open a business in the United States.