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Fast Service

Satisfaction Survey

Specialist researcher collects the opinion of several customers, at the tables, about external aspects such as: service, product quality, time, salon layout, cleanness and cost-benefit of the products sold.

Mystery Shopper

Specialist client secretly visits the operation and evaluates external aspects: service, product quality time, salon layout, cleanness and cost-benefit of the products sold.

Press Office

Professional assistance to address extraordinary situations that requires quick response to special stakeholders, such as press and public entities, in order to preserve the image of the business.

Goals and Sales training

Restaurant management specialist assists the directors in developing a sales goals method for the business’ next year, as well as trains the sales team to achieve the goals set with specialized techniques to sell more and increase the average ticket.

Social Marketing

Social Media and Marketing professional creates communication strategies and social media presence in blogs, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Groupon, Amazon, among others, according to the business needs, and capacitates the managers in the use of the chosen medias.

Note: Social media management not included

Costs Training

Food industry management professional trains and capacitates the operational staff about the importance of inventory and consumption controls, showing the main critical points of the business and internalizing the process of cost management and control.

Operational 360 Report

Expert in restaurant management and operations evaluates the business completely, internally and externally, noting the impact of the movement on the operation, in order to identify opportunities for improvement and provide the managers more information regarding: quality of sales (products, presentation, and rituals, suggestive and complementary sales approaches); infrastructure and operation (lighting, odors, layout); cleanness; service methods and training needs.

Food Safety Certification and Training

Accredited professor performs in-place training and applies necessary tests for obtaining the certificate of food manipulation, at various levels, such as: Operational, Managerial, Liquor License.

Menu Analysis

Menu specialist analyses the menu in use, and its forms of presentation within the business, comparing with competitors in the region, considering: prices for public and region, product diversity, social restrictions to the products offered, targeted clients, business proposition.

Inventory Organization

Experienced professional organizes the stockpiles of supplies, drinks, cleaning products and packages by defining the best locations for each item in accordance with the legal rules and operational needs, as well as creates physical address and performs a complete inventory count to facilitate the process of inventory control.

Advertising and Promotional Arts

Marketing professional with experience in the food industry develops promotional arts to disseminate the brand and products, such as: professional photos, flyers, banners, flyers and other related projects.

Suppliers Development

Professional with experience on purchases makes an operational and currently suppliers analysis, including price tables, in order to provide new supply options, aiming to reduce the total Cost of Goods Sold.