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Specialist Service

Job Positions Planning

Operations & Service                                      Specialist Service

Expert in restaurant management performs an operational analysis of the business and designs the ideal structure of command, with positions and responsibilities, also listing employees available for each position, according to their competencies, and detailing the tasks relevant to each job position.

Operational Flows and Times Analysis

Operations & Service                                     Specialist Service 

Food industry operational management specialist performs a mapping of flows and measures times in all stages of the production process of the business, locating bottlenecks and proposing improvements in order to increase the speed of customer service.

New Product Creation

Menu & Products                                            Specialist Service 

Professional kitchen chef creates new recipes to complement the current menu of the business, according to the directors’ guidelines, following one of these lines of work: Healthy Food, Unique Products, Average Ticket Increase or Menu Innovation.

Menu and Logo Branding

Marketing & Sales                                          Specialist Service

Marketing professional with food industry experience develops the name, concept, logo, business cards, uniforms, stationery and design/layout of the menu (with their respective forms of presentation) for the business, following guidelines of the directors.

Note: Does not include creation of the menu content or professional photography.

Visual Marketing

Marketing & Sales                                               Specialist Service

Marketing Professional with experience in the food industry produces photos and/or videos, using specialized techniques in high resolution, for use in promotional and institutional materials

Note: Social media management not included

Season Planning

Marketing & Sales                                          Specialist Service 

Experts in food industry Marketing and Operations develop a strategy to prepare the business for events and special dates, focusing on operation (inventory, optimization of personnel, special attractions, occasional menus) and marketing (campaigns and products for the special occasions, promotions) for an entire semester.

Insurance Optimization

Infrastructure and Equipment                        Specialist Service

Professional with experience in opening restaurants and obtaining licenses in America analyzes the best options to reduce or implement safe, aiming to reduce the total cost of the operation while maintaining or expanding insurance coverage in compliance with legal requirements.

Stakeholders Introduction

Marketing & Sales                                          Specialist Service

Marketing Professional with experience in the food industry maps and analyses institutions associations whose membership is necessary or advisable, on the part of the business, for example, Chambers of Commerce, trade associations, and others.

Events and Trade Shows

Marketing & Sales                                          Specialist Service

Specialized food industry team, with experience in trade-shows and events, advise the business managers in how to set up and operate kiosks and booths at events and food industry specific shows.

Inventory Conference

Inventory & Cost Control                              Specialist Service

Experienced professional performs a full count of the inventory of the operation and groups inbound and outbound flows of a certain period, and then count everything again to obtain the divergences between the Actual and the Ideal Inventories.

Note: Has two formats: single room (a single analysis) or monthly (full inventory management)

Nutritional Table Creation

Menu & Products                                           Specialist Service

Specialized nutritionist develops the Nutritional Table of the products sold in the restaurant, according to legal requirements for customers and regulatory agencies usage.

Equipment Development

Infrastructure and Equipment                      Specialist Service

Restaurant operation expert evaluates the needs of equipment, makes a research and quotes the options requested by the directors, as well as provides alternative or complementary solutions, focusing on performing the same processes, but within the financial capacity of the client, without affecting the operation productivity.

Drinks and Ethnical Menus Creation

Menu & Products                                             Specialist Service

Expert of the food industry, with the necessary expertise, develops special ethnical or beverage menus, such as wine, beer and tap beer, distillates, drinks and cocktails, according to the business needs and its target-audience profile.