Q: You specialize in a unique form of tourism, correct?

Barbieri: That’s correct; we are the biggest operator in South Florida of gaming tourism. In other words, we connect people who enjoy gambling with a destination or venue of their choice. That includes Cruise lines, land based Casinos in the U.S. and Canada and Casinos based in the Caribbean. We are currently representing and licensed in 17 of the premier Casinos in the Caribbean and North American continent.


Q:  Seems easy enough.

Barbieri: It’s actually more complex than you think. Unlike planning a normal vacation or getaway, where a traveler picks a destination and just pays and goes, gamblers often have to be invited or pre-approved  before they make definitive plans. That’s were our 20 plus years of experience in the business allows us to provide a unique service to gamblers by assisting them in the process of meeting the casinos requirements for complimentary vacations or arrangements. The more luxurious or value the arrangement has, the more of a High Roller the gambler is considered.

Q: So what if you aren’t a High Roller?

Barbieri: You don’t have to be a millionaire anymore to be treated well or get good deals from Casinos. In the old days, when the only options available to a gambler was Atlantic City or Las Vegas, Casinos could be more selective about who they invited or offered complimentary arrangements to. With the gaming explosion and legalized gambling that has taken place in the last decade and a half, competition has provided more options for gamblers and created more marketing plans   to accommodate all level of players.   Millionaires are still welcome though. If you are not a particularly strong player, there are still plenty of casinos that will welcome you. Sometimes you pay in advance and qualify for the trip at the end after you have played. Some people prefer it that way. If you are looking for a vacation with no strings attached and want to play at your own leisure, we will arrange it too .That’s when we become a simple travel agency. That’s fine with us too.


Q: Sounds like you have been doing this for a while.

Barbieri:  We started this business over 20 years ago with the Palm Beach Princess. A gambling ship that used to sail out of the Port of Palm Beach. We amassed a client list of over 100,00 names and continue to service them to this day. We have invested in a 10 person call center to take care of all their needs and are growing daily. Our goal is to be the largest agency in the Eastern United States. With all the options we now provide our customers, both old and new, the sky is the limit. Being the biggest and the best is our objective. We are well on our way.


Q: Good Luck

Barbieri: Thanks


Source: Boca Raton Tribune