Opinião de Carlo Barbieri sobre a eficácia da economia americana para empresários e até para a reeleição do Presidente Trump foi publicada na edição impressa deste que é um dos mais representativos canais de imprensa no meio político, econômico e diplomático no Brasil.

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* Trump: Is the Economy the Key to Reelection?

In the midst of rumors of Impeachment, President Donald Trump began this month mind his race for re-election.

Trump argues that “America has once again become great again” in its government and that “It is perhaps the best economy we have had in the history of our country” confirms this statement. The GDP growth follows the projection and re-economy is pulsating. A stronger economy provided to the Federal Reserve last year to accelerate its rate of increase in the interest rates. Before 2017, the Fed had of the rates just twice over two years and this year should lower the rate, and, with this, to maintain the rhythm of growth.

Strengthening the labor market is another undeniable factor in the management of Trump. As the economy full employment and wages increasing, the effects of this new changes have led to increased consumption of productivity in the United States, which is the lowest unemployment rate in almost half a century. In April, was 3.6%, after the creation of 263,000 new jobs in May.

The economic expansion of the United is the great argument of the campaign.

The last quarterly data of the American GDP, 3.2%, surprised the analysts and was of great celebration for the republican. The tax cuts for corporations and the United States, which fell from 35% to 21%, is also a high point. In short, the President Trump started his government attracting back to US companies, the generation of jobs, consumption, and GDP. The result was an increase in power purchase and improvement in quality of life of Americans, factors that must weigh much more than the ideological consonance with Trump when it comes to voting.

The economic results of Trump also favored the market for foreign initiatives to position themselves in USA. Data from the Bilateral Investment Map developed by Apex-Brazil in partnership with Brazil-U.S Business

Council and Amcham Brazil, indicate that the United States was the second largest of Brazilian imports, of US $ 25.1 billion in 2017. From the American view, Brazil was the 12th place the largest destination market for its with 2.08% of the total, and was the 17th largest supplier of imported goods and services in the US in 2017, with 1.20% of the total.

There is an increasing number of Brazilian companies that bet on the protection of their assets and investment. We detected an increase of 25%, this year only in the search for internationalization of here in the USA. The same happens to businessmen of the

This leads us to the suggestion that the US economy continues to show reliability. The inflow of Brazilian investments in the USA, in addition to the obvious above, brings with it the strengthening of companies and entrepreneurs for having a strong currency in its portfolio educational process of how a country works of real free enterprise.

The Bilateral Investment Map the USA 2019 also shows that stock of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Brazil in the United States grew 356 between 2008, when it was US $ 9.3 billion, to $ 42.8 billion in 2017. Trump should use all these economic factors as central force in the re-election campaign.

What American policy can expect for the coming months is a fierce dispute between ideology and real numbers. The economic scenario are indisputable but there are vulnerabilities to be worked on. Although the strong point of Trump’s reelection, the president is not seen as one of the most popular. There is a lot of work to be done.