This event held at The Westin Boaventura Hotel in Los Angeles was undoubtedly not only one of the best yet achieved, but certainly the most useful one so far.

With an exhibition of dozens of useful and necessary companies for the investments and projects of EB-5, as well as dozens of Regional centers, the event had with main brand the achievements of dozens of Panels, with insiders and Experts of the sector transmitting information, data and giving their perspective of the future of the sector who suffers from so many uncertainties.

Also, notable, was the approach taken by the speakers and their presentations, on the regions where EB-5 has been experiencing rapid growth in demand. Among those countries is Brazil, India, Russia and some others Latin American countries. The exhibition also touched some of the main topics when the subject is the EB-5 program. Let’s look at lists of the main subjects:

EB-5 Attorney Workshop:

Strategies for responding to the hottest RFEs and NOIDS

Non-Chinese Source of Founds Issues

I-829 Filings – The basic and the exotic

Material Change – What is it and when does it matter?

EB-5 Financing Workshop

The right Fit- How current and future EB-5 Projects are changing with the market

Marketing to the world outside China

Capital stack completion: Where to go for non-EB-5 funds-solution for when your raise has come up short

Effecting change in the EB-5 program: Strategies on the hill

EB-5 Business, Law & Policy Panels

Wanted: EB_5 reform (how regional center business has changed)

A deep dive into “at risk”: how does USCIS interpret “risk” and how should it? What are the practical implications?

EB-5 workshop: saving a project before it is too late

Solutions to the EB-5 waiting Line, Including Legislative, Regulatory and Judicial

One Franchise, many opportunities: how different immigration options (E-2, L-1, EB-5, EB-1c) and deal structure fit the franchise model. Boundaries of NCE Redeployment choosing a specific use or a fund

Market Spot Light Panels: Brazil, India, Russia and Turkey

India: Overview of the EB-5 and citizenship-by-investment Landscape

India: Source of funds, RBI/FEMA/LRS

Russia: Overview of the EB-5 and citizenship-by-investment Landscape

Turkey: Overview of the EB-5 and citizenship-by-investment Landscape

MENA: Overview of the EB-5 and citizenship-by-investment Landscape

Brazil: Overview of the EB-5 and citizenship-by-investment Landscape

Brazil: Direct (franchise) vs. Indirect (Regional center)

Brazil: Navigating the EB-5 and Citizenship-by-investment

In addition to the whole formal part, there was a great cocktail after the conference. Only VIP guests were invited, and among them, there was the members of the Oxford Group, Carlo Barbieri, Guilherme Falabella and Osmar Gonçalves. The members of the Oxford Group used the cocktail party to meet new people from the EB-5 branch and to develop new partnerships and networking.