The American economic growth, after the political-fiscal changes, hit its record if evaluated from the year 2014 until the second quarter of 2018. In a current statistic, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, it still continues in a promising growth line, beating the rate of 2.6% in the fourth quarter of 2018 (data extracted with base date 02/28/2019).

The perspective is that the US economic growth in 2018 will surpass the 3% house

The real estate market (or Real Estate) has a strong representation among the drivers of this growth, responsible for generating billions of dollars in annual revenue.

What does this interest to on-call investors?

The constant appreciation of the real estate sector and the level of reliability that this investment has, increasingly attracts small investors. This increases the competitiveness of this market, making more projects appear at lower prices. After 2008, the United States is more mature and regulated, but in any case, the property supply is still increasing exponentially. As a result, we have better and cheaper properties, generating greater returns for investors.

Where to invest?

The Florida region is showing projected growth reaching 28% by 2020 and 35% by 2021 in the volume of dollars invested in this sector. In addition, what makes this region so attractive to investors is not only because of the large Brazilian community residing there, but also, mainly, because it is one of the American states with the lowest tax burdens. Which means to say that: if you invest well, you have more. In the US, the more you invest in the real estate market, the greater your benefits in reducing the tax burden and, also, your chances of making your investments even more profitable.

First, before we get into how to make your investment, let’s briefly assess the Brazilian investment pattern in the real estate market:

Brazilians buy, on average, 1.5 property over their lifetime. The explanation for this statistic would be a sum of factors: the high investment value, the market instability, the lack of technological structure that facilitates document transactions and operations, there is no standardization of historical or market data, and even , it is necessary to consider the confrontation of the Brazil cost, in the form of fees and taxes.

How to take advantage of the American advantages to be successful in your real estate investment?

Oxford Group is the largest Brazilian consultancy on American soil, with 46 years in the market and 29 years of excellence in providing services on American soil, we know how to do what we do very well. In particular, we have extensive experience and knowledge of the Florida real estate market as one of our business units is a licensed and registered real estate company.

We have fantastic property investment options, with all the advice you need, from start to finish, until you get your keys and, who knows, in the future, if you need any adaptation in the market, we will be there for you too.

It does not stop there …

With Oxford Group your real estate investment can be converted into a Green Card, which means permanent residence, with a work permit for you and your entire family.

Have you ever thought about buying your home in the US, getting your Green Card, working and living in American land? This includes having virtually all the rights of a citizen and the real possibility of becoming one eventually.

How about uniting all your dreams in a single investment?

We also believe in his dreams and if he’s going to become an American, we know how to make it come true.

(*) Carlo Barbieri graduated in Economics and Law. He is President of the Oxford Group, the largest Brazilian consulting company in the US (comprised of international consulting and trading companies) and President of Green Card Solutions-EB-5 Regional Center. Founding member and first president of the Brazilian Business Group, founding member and president of the Brazil Club, and board member of the Deerfield Chamber of Commerce. 2014-2015 Rotary Club President – Boca Raton West. Vice President and Professor at 2 Grow – Human Development and Ambassador at Barry University in Brazil.