Projections of election results Legislative in the United States (USA) indicate that the Republicans will succeed maintain control of the Senate, after the vote that renewed a third of the senators, while the Democrats will win the majority of elected deputies to the House of Representatives, which renewed the 435 seats.

In the Senate, 35 of the 100 seats were in game, plus governors from 36 of the 50 states, plus three territories. You data is in the process of updating. If the information is confirmed, the trend predicted by analysts will materialize.

On his Twitter account, the president of United States, Donald Trump, defined the elections as “tremendous success” legislation. “Tremendous success tonight. Thank you all”, wrote yesterday (6) the American.

Trump spoke after the spokeswoman for White House, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, assert that the results of the claims of half of the term represented “a good night” for the ruler. “Currently, we feel good, it was a good night for the president until this moment.”

The demonstrations took place before the major television stations predicted that the Democrats had snatched Republicans the majority of the House.


With a majority in the House of Representatives, the Democrats will have the power to obstruct, to negotiate directly with the president and also political conditions to investigate and file requests, that are not always in the interests of the White House.

It will also get harder for Trump fulfill promises of the 2016 presidential campaign, such as funding the border wall in the area separating the United States from Mexico, for example.

The US president will have to negotiate more with deputies and increase political articulation to give progress on projects considered essential for its administration until the Senate.


According to official data, the elections had a record number of female candidates, immigrants and Muslims, which, according to analysts, would be an opposition response against the Trump government.

During the presidential campaign, Trump was the target of allegations of sexual abuse and of being in favor of the policy. anti-migration, as well as discrimination against Muslims. For analysts, this year’s election came as a surprise due to the mobilization of the electorate.

Political analyst Carlo Barbieri told Agência Brasil that the “blue wave”, a movement to vote in favor of the Democratic Party, indicated an interesting reaction from the electorate: a campaign focused on social and political issues, not economic ones.

“This election had a component interesting, with the heated economy, and an increase in job creation, the most Democratic candidates avoided harsh criticism of Trump. Instead Furthermore, they focused on issues related to health, maintaining the Obamacare and in problems that could cause voters to lose hours of I work to go to the vote,” he said. “Health insurance is something that Trump still has to resolve with the population.”