The Brazilian community that resides in the United States celebrated this Sunday night the victory of candidate Jair Bolsonaro. With greater popularity among Brazilians living in the US, the president-elect won the largest number of valid votes in both the first and second rounds. In Miami, Florida – a state that has one of the largest populations of Brazilians – you can hear fireworks commemorating Bolsonaro’s victory.
According to Brazilian political analyst and economist, Carlo Barbieri, who has lived and worked in the United States for over 30 years, concern about the current scenario in Brazil was one of the reasons for the search for change. Barbieri runs the Oxford Group – an investment consultancy in the US and has detected a considerable increase in Brazilians interested in immigrating and investing in the US in recent years.
“A large part of the Brazilian community that lives here in the United States left our country due to discontent with politics and the economy. In the last year alone, for example, we detected a 40% increase in requests to bring Brazilian companies here to the US. we still have the increase of Brazilian professionals who are internationalizing their workforce here. There was no way the reaction of people could have been different after Bolsonaro’s victory”, says Carlo Barbieri.
According to Barbieri, people residing in the United States are hopeful for a better future for Brazil. “It’s not because we left the country that we don’t want the well-being of relatives and friends who stayed in our country. The ballot box in Brazil and also here in the US was done, where Bolsonaro had the overwhelming majority of valid votes”, ponders the economist.
The economist foresees a change in the profile of investors, who were already looking to expand their activities abroad to provide more balance and security to their activities, including moving their headquarters to the US to reach the world market.

“They are no longer entrepreneurs leaving in despair because of insecurity in Brazil, but medium and long-term entrepreneurs who want better education and opportunity for their children, growth and security of their businesses, improvement of their company with more competitiveness and profitability.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the United States, Carlo Barbiei is President of the Oxford USA Group. Consultant, journalist, political analyst, speaker and educator. Founding member and first president of the Brazilian Business Group, founding member and president of the Brazil Club, and board member of the Deerfield Chamber of Commerce. Graduated in Economics and Law with more than 60 specialization courses in Brazil and abroad. These courses are held at various institutions, such as: Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Federal University of Brasília, Mackenzie University, Sorbonne, University of Chicago Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).