Article published  at the Boca Raton Tribune

By Carlo Barbieri

Whoever crossed the US border through Mexico knows well who the coyotes are, they are the ones responsible for coyote or human smugglers who charge $ 35,000 to place Brazilians on the border of the country. The ones who smuggled themselves into the country through Cuba and the Caribbean also know this group of exploiters well, the rule also applies to those poor Africans and Syrians who were smuggled into Europe.

We do not know how many of them have died in this attempt to seek new opportunities, but we know that these leeches have become rich with the despair of those who seek freedom or a better life for their family.

These coyotes have always sold the idea that this crossing would be something easy and safe to be achieved as well as the illusion for easy gains. But, it is politically incorrect to speak of those who exploit poverty, it is better to speak of those who suffer than of those who make others suffer.

With recent policies signed by the new President, the desperate coyotes came up, they are crooks of all sorts, from lawyers to “social workers” who lie and misrepresent what is going on, to sell the rights to the undocumented poor people to have a “telephone number available”, an “insurance against arbitrariness”, the sale of property or assets at an lower price for those who are encouraged to leave the country, as the risks increase every day!

There are also those who amuse themselves in seeing the despair of others. Those leeches who live and want to continue benefiting from the ignorance and despair of their counterparts.

They create false “ICE blocks”, post articles and videos of “immigrant support”, give desperate interviews, incite hatred for the president, warn about risks that do not exist, everything to take advantage and become rich to the detriment of the humble immigrants, documented or not.

They bury the good faith of the uninformed immigrants. They warn about the “loss of nationality” of the Brazilians who are already American citizens, too. They even try to scare Green Card holders by saying they might lose their rights. They entitle themselves the Apocalypse messengers whose salvation depend upon trusting them and getting them succeed in the next elections. I am not here defending President Trump, I did not even vote for him. I find him incompetent in the psychological war, but I do believe that every President, regardless of their country, must defend and protect his country and boundaries.

With regard to immigration, there wasn’t any other President who deported more immigrants than Obama did. Deporting criminals, killers, bandits, rappers, drug dealers and human smugglers will certainly provide the ones living in this country, documented or not, with peace and relief.

I hope that with safe borders, we will finally receive the so expected and deserved indult to those who have diligent and honestly worked here, even without being documented yet. I believe this will happen. However, this perspective scares the leeches who live out of the chaos and ignorance of the well-intentioned ones. They cannot make money honestly, doing good, they need to create an Armageddon in order to flow in the turbulent waters of their victims.

Here are the questions now:

How many Brazilians have been arrested in Florida after the new President took over and how many have been deported?

The same question applies regarding the previous President. How many have lost their Green Cards? How many have lost their citizenship?  Defending coyotes4 and criminals deserve no respect from us, caution is necessary about the undocumented ones. It´s not an easy time, we must remain with faith that these difficult times shall soon pass, but no desperation, this should be only for the leeches. The undocumented ones should not worry, do not give any voice to the Apocalypse Knights.