An international banker with extensive experience in the management of large projects and specialization in Operations, Administration, Technology and Product Development. Years of service at senior regional and global positions within Citibank/Citicorp/Citigroup.  Firm leadership and project management skills with proven success in the development and implementation of major service quality improvement and cost reduction programs at country, regional and global levels.

Since year 2000 owner of Amaral Consulting and Services, Inc. a company dedicated to providing management, internal control, auditing and administrative consultancy for their customers.

Most relevant positions performed at Citibank/Citicorp/Citigroup

Emerging Market Countries

January 1998 – January 2003 (Based in London, UK)

-Managed projects in 20 Emerging Market countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin
America to support small and medium size corporations.

Latin America Operations

January 1992 – December 1998 (Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)

-Managed the Operations and Technology Areas of 21 Latin American countries Corporate
Banking Division, and implemented the major regionalization project in the region. Annual
Budget of US$ 100MM and staff of over 2000 people.

Citibank – Brazil

January 1989 – January 1992 (Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil)

-Managed the day-to-day operations of the back-office and technology of all branches and
subsidiaries of the Corporate Banking Division in the country.  Managed 1,100 staff and
annual budgets of US$ 25MM.

Citibank – Argentina

January 1987 – January 1989 (Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina).

-Managed the development of new banking and finance products with P/L
results of US$ 5MM a year. (Cumulating this position with the Operations and Technology
Head for the country.

Citibank – Argentina

January 1985 – January 1989 (based in Buenos Aires, Argentina),

-Managed the day-to-day operations of the back-Office and technology areas of the
country’s HQ and branches of the Corporate Banking Division. Managed 250 staff and annual
budgets of US$ 6MM

Most relevant positions performed at Amaral Consulting and Services, Inc.

Pocket Cheff, Inc.

January 2004 – December 2007

-Executive of a company dedicated to sell a new and innovative product to the hospitality and restaurant industries.

Promolight International Corporation

January 2008- December 2012

– Executive of Promolight International Corporation, a newly created company that sells advertising inside movie theaters and similar venues in several countries. This product was originally created and developed in Mexico where it is still active.


Degree in Economics by the Catholic University of Pernambuco, Brazil