By: Carlo Barbieri

Governor Rick Scott´s visit to Brazil stated the importance that this country represents to the USA in general and, more particularly, to the state of Florida as well.
Besides being the best Florida´s commercial partner, having imported from this state almost 14 billion dollars in 2010, Brazil has also outstanding facts such as follows:

• Florida exported to Brazil almost 14 billion dollars last year;

• Brazilians are the best real estate buyers in Florida currently, which has made property prices stable in Miami, without significant depreciation. Today, 11 per cent of property owners are Brazilians in contrast to the 8 per cent of three years ago;

• Brazilians are likely to reach, still this year, the status of the greatest contingent of tourists in Florida ( probably outdoing Canada);

• The Brazilians´ average per capita expenditure is the highest one in Florida, beating the Chinese, with an average expenditure of 6 thousand dollars per person, including children.

What Made the Difference

Rick Scott´s entrepreneurial experience made the difference in these traditional visits that the governors have made to Brazil.

With a contagiously, friendly attitude and memorable simplicity, the governor has managed to win the Brazilian entrepreneurs´ heart and trust in São Paulo.
Mentioning that there were millions of business deals made is just a media approach to place an event in the spotlight, but the core Center of Fiesp (Federação das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo – Industry Federation of São Paulo State), packed with entrepreneurs, who had to struggle for a chance in order to establish contact with American companies displaying their products and services, is a well-proven demonstration of the interest aroused by the mission accomplished in São Paulo.

The mission success could be portrayed in Manny Mencia´s irreprehensible smile, Senior-Vice President of International Trade and Business Development of Florida Enterprise, who was – for that matter, in total despair in the previous mission, and can now be seen so happy with the current Governor.
Undoubtedly there will be well over 200 million increase in exportation as a result of this mission.

Brazil – An Unprecedented Opportunity

Brazil has a reserve of well over 350 billion dollars, in contrast to a debt of less than 250 billion dollars, and it´s certainly the greatest and most wanted USA´s partner.

It is also one of the few countries with which the United States has an expressive superavit in the trade balance and it is a great importer of industrialized products and high technology.

Politically, the new female President of Brazil has approached and gotten even closer than the previous President Lula, and she has managed to keep the political stability and the respect to the intellectual property so desirable and paramount, at the same time very little effective in other countries, not only in Asia but also in Latin America.
With the likely exemption of VISA for the Brazilians to visit the USA, 300 million tourists from that country are expected to be visiting the USA where they will spend their dollars.

The state of São Paulo has a GNC (Gross National Product) greater than Argentina and Poland; and Brazil, by itself, represents over 50 per cent of the entire GNC of South America.

The State of Florida is the world’s 21st largest economy, whereas the State of São Paulo is the 22nd.


Starting or developing businesses in different countries is definitely a great challenge, but it has never been so clear that, regardless of any challenge, Brazil is worth being taken into consideration and a priority as far as foreign investments are concerned.

Fonte: Boca Raton Tribune