‘Jornal do Comércio’ reproduces text from the President of Oxford Group on the Brazilian Economy under discussion at the World Economic Forum

“The law that guarantees the benefit for 194 unmarried daughters of ex-parliamentarians and ex-servants, at an annual cost of R $ 30 million is absurd. TCU’s audit, in 2016, pointed out fraud suspects in 19 thousand daughters’ pensions, unpaid salaries in various federal public administration bodies, not just the Legislative.” Lasier Martins (Pode-RS), 2nd vice-president of the Senate.” Federal holidays throughout the year 2020 should cause a loss of R $ 19.6 billion to retail trade this year.

In 2019, retail and wholesale trade had a loss of R$ 17.4 billion with these holidays. It is an exceedingly loss” Fabio Bentes, economist at the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism.

“This trade war between the USA and China brings a new scenario for the movement of companies, which may favor Brazilian business to gain space in international markets.” Carlo Barbieri, political analyst and economist.

“With the trade war, Beijing has an incentive to open space for business from Brazil and its partners in the Brics group – Russia, India and South Africa. Brazil has to take advantage of this business window and very quickly.”
Also Carlo Barbieri.