Carlo Barbieri – President and CEO of Oxford USA Group.

Specialized in business intelligence and strategic solutions for small, medium and large corporations at national and international levels, the Brazilian market being its largest target audience.

President of Green Card Solutions-EB-5 Regional Center **;

Consultant, journalist, political analyst, speaker and educator, entrepreneur, civic activist and leader of many organizations related to Brazil, his home country.

Graduated in Economics and Law with more than 60 specialization courses in Brazil and abroad, courses held at various Institutions, such as: Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Federal University of Brasilia, Mackenzie University, Sorbonne, University of Chicago, Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

He has chaired and served as director of various organizations such as the Brazilian Association of Trade Companies (ABECE), Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo, Brazil-Australia Chamber of Commerce, Brazil-Dominican Chamber of Commerce, Brazilian Association of Freight Forwarders , Brazilian Association of Banks and the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Founding member and first president of the Brazilian Business Group, founding member and president of Brazil Club and board member of Deerfield Chamber of Commerce.

Founder and, from 2014-2015 was President of the Rotary Club – Boca Raton West – and Ambassador of Barry University in Brazil.

He has been a member of the Local Council of the Consulate General of Brazil in Miami since its foundation in 2013 and his mandate was renewed in 2015 for another two years, where several projects were implemented in favor of the Brazilian Community and in particular in the business and support area for small brazilian companies. He is also a member of the Deerfield Beach City Economic Development Task Force.

Jurist, member of the Brazilian Institute of Lawyers, and in the field of Law, he has dedicated himself to business and tax. Professionally, he worked in various segments such as Banks, Finance, Securities Distributor, Agribusiness, Industry, Foreign Trade, International Negotiations, Vehicle Dealer, Cargo Transport, Civil Construction, Trade Networks, Tourism, Restaurant, Radio and Newspaper. He was responsible for the Government Relations department of several companies. Consultant for international companies such as TNT, General Electric, Kodak, Cummins, Black and Decker, BASF, 3M, Singer, Tetra Pak, Melitta, Adidas, Lacoste, among others. He served as Inspector General of Cade (Administrative Council for Economic Defense) for Southern Brazil. He also held hundreds of conferences on every continent and worked and visited over 70 countries. Author of the book “Abuse of Economic Power” and co-author of many other books, namely “History of Brazil” and “Meanders of the National Congress”, among others. He has hundreds of articles published in Brazilian and American press, as well as a political analyst invited by some American radio and TV.

Received several National and International awards sic as:


Order of Merit for Diplomatic Service – For Valuable Dedication and Service Earning Appreciation and Admiration – Gwanghwa Medal Korea – South Korea

Honorary Member of the International Cultural Society of South Korea – In appreciation for his service to the world – Awarded by the Minister of Culture of South Korea – South Korea

Commander of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem – Granted by His Holiness the Pope – Subscriptum, Rome


Medal of Merit of the Military Order – Official Degree – Official Diploma – Awarded by the President of the Republic of Brazil, Grand Master of the Order of Military Merit, Doctor Carlo Barbieri Filho – Department of the Brazilian Army

Military Judiciary Order of Merit Medal – This is the highest honorary distinction of the Brazilian Army – Awarded by the Brazilian Army Department

Military Order Merit Medal – Awarded by the Superior Military Court of Brazil

Peacemaker Medal – For outstanding services to the Brazilian Army – Awarded by the Brazilian Army Department

“Santos Dumont Merit” Medal – For highlighting services rendered to Brazilian Aeronautics – Awarded by the Brazilian Aeronautics Department

Tamandaré Merit Medal – Awarded by the Brazilian Navy Department

Top-Comex Prize – Granted to Institutions and Individuals with Extraordinary Participation in International Business Strategy – Unip – Universidade Paulista – Brazil

Cultural and Civic Merit – Awarded by the Brazilian Society of Municipal Studies of Brazil

Anchieta Medal and Diploma of Gratitude of the City of São Paulo – Gratitude of the City of São Paulo – Awarded by the City of São Paulo – Brazil

Baron of Ayuruoca Medal of Merit – Awarded by the Municipality of Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Euclides Wedge Medal

– Consideration of his personal merits and dedicated worship of Brazil, granted by the Club of States – Brazil

Pero Vaz de Caminha Medal – Established to perpetuate the memory of the Armada clerk who accompanied Admiral Pedro Álvares Cabral – Granted by the Cultural and Historical Institute – Brazil

Brother of the Holy House of Mercy – Granted to employees who provided relevant services to the community – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

* The Oxford Group is the largest Brazilian consulting firm in the US with partners in Brazil, Europe and Asia. It has a highly qualified team, with the best professionals in each area, to provide a complete service in the strategic planning of entry or expansion of the venture in the USA.

The Oxford Group offers the assistance of attorneys in various fields, all licensed professionals, legal support and immigration services.

Real estate broker Oxford Realty works with real estate brokers familiar with Florida and its various counties. They have the experience to help families find the home of their dreams, investment properties or a place for their business.

Regional Centers are entities designated by USCIS (Immigration and American Citizenship Services) to provide investment opportunities to foreigners interested in participating in the EB-5 Investor Visa program and obtaining a green card.

Working with specialist lawyers, economists and CPAs in the EB-5 area, the Oxford Group can design and support you throughout the process.


** EB-5 US Immigration-enabled Regional Center to authorize projects by US citizens or foreign nationals that meet the specifications of those seeking an EB-5 visa. 
Carlo Barbieri, Jurist, has a law degree in Brazil, but is not licensed to lawyer in Florida / Carlo Barbieri, Jurist, has a law degree in Brazil. He is not a licensed attorney in Florida.