An unprecedented study by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) shows that, for 60% of foreign diplomats, the Brazilian economy will grow in 2019. The confederation heard the opinion of 40 representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps residing in Brasília between September and October 2018 to understand the external assessment of the Brazilian political and economic scenario. The survey may support the role of the new government in the development of international partnerships in the short term.

In the opinion of diplomats, the Bolsonaro government’s optimism and positive expectations come from the tax (63%), political (60%), Social Security (55%) and labor (50%) reforms, likely in 2019. For the economist and political analyst Carlo Barbieri, this year will be of new air and opportunities for Brazil, especially in the foreign market. “A strong example is that we are living through one of the most auspicious moments for the relationship between Brazil and the United States, especially in the economic area. For the first time in decades we must have two presidential administrations with insight into the potential of free trade between countries. It is a unique opportunity for Brazil to undertake changes and take advantage of this relationship”, says Barbieri.